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Fit Force Camp

Fit Force Camp is a bootcamp style of workout combined with functional training. It challenges your body coordination and balance while also increasing your range of motion and leveling up your overall strength.

Kettlebell Class

Resembling a mini bowling ball with a handle, kettlebells are great for cardio, strength, and flexibility training.
Start by picking up the weight of your choice—women usually grab between eight and 16 kg weights, while men go for 16 to 32 kg, though these weights vary depending on the exercises of choice.


Total-Body Resistance Exercise turns every exercise into a challenge for the core by using two very accessible resources: gravity and our own bodyweight.
All you have to do is anchor the TRX straps to a secure spot (think a weight machine, a door frame, or even monkey bars or a basketball hoop pole if you’re getting creative) and use either your feet or hands—depending on the exercise—to hold onto the straps.

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